Welcome to Hotel Conrad, A nice family hotel in the center of Karlskrona
We hope that you will have a pleasant stay with us and a memorable experience in Karlskrona. We are happy to have you as our guest and if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact the front desk.

Front Desk opening hours

Monday – Thursday, 6:30 am – 12:00 am
Friday, 6:30 am – 10 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday, 8:00 am – 12 am*

You can reach the front desk by dialing 9 on the telephone in your room.

*Some deviations in the opening hours may occur.
If the front desk is unattended, please call+46 455 36 32 00.
An answering machine will tell you how to reach the duty manager on call.


The breakfast is served in the same floor as the front desk. Even though the period with Covid-restrictions is over, we still want you to schedule your breakfast time at the front desk.

Monday – Friday 06.30 am – 10.00 am
Saturday – Sunday 08.00 am – 10.00 am

Internet access

We have wireless internet in the entire hotel as well as lobby and breakfast room. The internet access is free of charge for all our guests but it requires log in information. Connect to Conrad_Guest, the password is Letmeinwifi.

Drinking water

Karlskrona has one of the best drinking waters in the world! Use the glasses on the desk and drink water straight from the tap.
There´s a small selection of beverages in the minibar, you’ll find the pricelist on the fridge door. There are more beverages to choose from at the front desk.

Laundry service

Do you have dirty clothes that you need help with?
Put down your laundry in the bag hanging in the closet and we´ll take care of it. To get your laundry done the same day you must leave it at the front desk before 09.00. Contact the front desk for pricing.


Do you need a moment of relaxation?
Welcome to use our sauna in the Yellow house freely throughout the day, or book an our for just yourself in our pool room with adjacent sauna.
The pool you can use for free between 08.00 am and 21.00 pm, contact the front desk for appointment.


You can use the phone available in your room for calls within the hotel or outside. To make calls out of the hotel, first turn a 0 and then the number, even in emergency situations. To call within the hotel you can reach all rooms by dialing the room number. The front desk is accessed by hitting number 9.
Need a wake up call please contact the front desk.

TV / Smart-TV

Each room has a TV with the following channels – TV1, TV2, TV3, TV4, TV6, TV8, TV10, SVT Barn/SVT24, Kunskapskanalen and BBC News.
In most rooms you also have a Smart-TV.
By pressing ”Apps” on the remote control, you can access even more by logging into your Netflix, ViaPlay, SF Anytime or Youtube.
Don’t forget to log out before leaving the hotel – otherwise the next guest can gain access to your account!

Service / Pillow menue

At the front desk you can by candy, sodas and sanitary products, shine your shoes or borrow needle and thread, pick up an extra pillow, housecoat, slippers or towel. You can also borrow a clock radio, mobile charger or extension cord.
At the front desk there are also newspapers to borrow as well as maps and other tourist information. We also have a small library where there are books to borrow in both Swedish and English. If you don’t have time to read the book during your stay, it’s fine to keep it and leave one you’ve finished with instead.
We have one high and one low pillow for each bed. If you want another kid on pillow – feathers, ergonomic or music pillow – there’s a limited number to borrow at the front desk.

Our environmental policy

At Hotell Conrad we work systematically to reduce our environmental impact by continuously improving our environmental work. By discontinuing to clean rooms that don’t really need cleaning we will save countless amouts of water and chemicals every year. This also helps saving our planet.
If you’re staying with us for more than one night we will no longer automatically clean your room. If you would like us to clean just let the front desk know before 21.00 pm the night before. Of cource, there’s no extra charge for this. If you want new towels when cleaning – put the towels on the floor, otherwise we will not automatically change towels.
We have replaced the small products in the rooms with pump bottles of hand soap and shampoo/shower soap to reduce our plastic consumption.
At the reception, there are small bottles of conditioner and body lotion as well as a shower cap available on request.
In our parking lot, we also have 6 electric car parking spaces that are available to rent for a fee.

Non smoking / Fire alarm
Please note that smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel area. It is also forbidden under Swedish law to smoke in direct connection to the entrance. If we can prove that you smoked in the room, we will charge a cleaning fee of SEK 5000 If the fire alarm goes off, you will also be charged an emergency fee of SEK 7500
We have fire alarms that are directly connected to the emergency services – for your safety. The detectors are sensitive to changes in air density, which means that they react to water vapor as well as hairspray, deodorant spray and the like. Therefore, please keep the toilet door closed when you shower.